COD analyzer

It adopts electrochemical oxidation method (hydroxy electrode method) to measure COD value in water.It adopts sodium sulfate and glucose solution instead of dangerous detrimental chemical reagents such as sulfuric acid, potassium dichromate and mercuric sulfate. Thus, it will not create secondary pollution.The measuring time is short. Generally, it takes 6 minutes for each measurement and it is suitable for real-time measurement. It adopts patented sampling system and can effectively avoid blockage and reduce maintenance work.The measurement will not be affected by water color and turbidity.It adopts touch screen display and Chinese operation interface for easy use. It can simultaneously display COD, temperature, pH and flow rate.It can automatically control measurement and calibration, and automatically store measuring results. Also, it has power failure protection function.The RS-232 port can be used to expand RS-485 port and MOSEM network port.It adopts remote control and data trans


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