Perforated metal mesh for battery mesh

Perforated metal mesh for battery mesh

Perforated metal mesh are formed into troughs into which is placed the active material, a similar perforated strip is then placed over the original strip and the sides crimped together, forming an endless perforated pocket with the active material retained inside. These finished pockets are cut to suitable lengths and attached together by interlocking the crimps, the number of pockets and attached being determined by the height of the plate desired. A “U” frame of steel is then placed around the plate and the sides firmly crimped on. The result is a mechanically rugged plat with extremely low electrical resistance.

Size & Configurations
Plate thickness up to 0.5mm
Round hole diameter up to 2.0mm

Stainless steel

Strong corrosion resistance
Wear resistance, anti-oxidation
High tensile strength and tolerance capacity.
Holes and rows are evenly placed in accurate position


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