Shale Shaker screen for oilfield

Shale Shaker screen for oilfield


When drilling for oil, a drilling fluid is used both to make the drilling more effective and to remove cuttings and material from the well bore. This liquid, commonly referred to as “mud” . Since the mud is both environmentally harmful and costly it is continuously circulated in a closed loop system and stored on the rig/ship after the drill operation for future use.
These cuttings follow the mud flow to the rig where it is cleaned by a shale shaker machine and recirculated through the well bore. The shale shaker is a vibrating machine using a very fine mesh that separates the cuttings from the fluid. The mesh is often divided into six or eight sections, each mounted on a frame, called shale shaker screens.

Size & Configurations
Mesh up to 325mesh
Wire diameter from 0.03mm to 0.50mm
Screen type include flat screen, weave screen, framed flat screen and hook strip soft screen

Stainless steel



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