12-CHANNEL RESTING ECG MACHINE သည္ အလိုေလ်ာက္တုိင္းတာမႈႏွင့္USB ပရင္တာႏွင့္အပူပရင္တာအားအဆင့္ျမင့္SEMIPမွအလိုေလ်ာက္တုိင္းတာေပးျခင္း၊အျကီးစားမွတ္ဥာဏ္ျဖင့္စီမံခန္႔ခြဲမႈမ်ား၊ဆက္သြယ္မႈမ်ား၊အစီရင္ခံစာမ်ားအားျပန္လည္သံုးသပ္ေစႏိုင္သည့္မွတ္ဥာဏ္ျဖင့္USB flash disk ပါဝင္သည္။The EC-12RT is a high-profile portable ECG machine with thermal printer and coloured TFT monitor. The small, lightweight and compact device is very user-friendly, its TFT display, alphanumeric keyboard and various extra functions make it easy to use. Its sophisticated filters and amplifiers ensure a top-quality ECG recording. The EC-12RT device is the perfect combination of a conventional ECG machine and PC-based solutions as it can be connected to a computer via a СОМ-port/USB-port, this way all patient data can be uploaded into the Cardiospy software and database.


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