Fresh Dragon Fruit or Pitaya fruit from Myanmar

Dragon fruit is the natural gift of mother earth because it has many benefits for people’s health. Although Dragon fruit has two colors, there are red and white but the red give more healthy nutrition for people.Nowadays, people use it as cosmetic products,healthy products, food products, jam, juice and so many products for daily life. The other name of Dragon fruit is called Pitya Fruit and Botanical name is Hylocereus undatus. It is rich in antioxidants, protective against the cancer disease. Not only for cancer but also it has an extremely low amount of cholesterol, high fiber content which can assist with poor digestion and constipation. It can stabilize blood sugar levels and keep the skin tight and young. It is excellent fruit for treating colored hair. Our fruits from Southern Shan State from Myanmar. Our dragon fruit is fresh because we cultivate on excellent fertility farm. Our fruit is ready to pick up on May 2016. So Buyers can contact via our email or .

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