Small Purple Color of Cotton Shoulder Bag

This product name is Small Purple Color of Cotton Shoulder Bag and produced in Yangon, Myanmar. It is made by cotton and raw materials are only traditional. This product is Shan Traditional shoulder bag and the raw materials come from Myanmar. The two sides are same design and same color. Convenience and easy to carry things by this bag. The bags are generally known as lware eit shoulder bags or Shan lware eit meaning Shan shoulder bags. The Shan shoulder bags may come in a simple style decorated with simple patterns. Typical tribal Shan Bag is used not only at their region but also at Myanmar. High quality, more size and best price for choice, if you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact me.


Slitter and Rewinder, Overhauled

Slitter and Rewinder, Overhauled

Manufacturer : Andreotti, Italy
Model : TLTC/600
Manufactured : 1999
Overhauled : December, 2016

Material to be handled
– Cellophane from25 gsm
– Polyethylene from 15 micron
– Polyester from 12 micron
– Paper from 20 gsm Up to 150 gsm
– Laminates up to max. 150 gsm

Technical data
Width : 1500 mm
Max. jumbo roll dia : 1200 mm

Cutting width with Max. reel diameter 500 mm
With single standard reel holders : Min. 70 mm / Max. 210 mm
With single special reel holders : Min. 55 mm / Max.120 mm

Cutting width with Max. reel diameter 600 mm
With double reel arm holding system : Min. width 220 mm / Max. 600 mm

– The machine or equipment is offered with six (6) months from the test run at the location.
– Availability is subject to prior sales.
– All information is given by the source, which deemed reliable.

Elephant Wood Crafts made in Myanmar

The product name is the small Elephant and made by Burmese Blackwood. Art of wood sculpture, three-dimensional art made by one of four basic processes are carving, modeling, casting, constructing. Many of the most important sculptures of Myanmar in particular are in wood. It is also much easier to work than stone. According to the notions in Myanmar, an elephant are a symbol of good luck. Lucky elephants are often used in home decoration, meaningful gift for an engagement, a wedding or a housewarming. Great addition for your bedroom or office. If you want to know more details, you can ask by chat box and mails.

SVM EXPORTS INDIA Moringa Tea Bags Exporters

Moringa Tea Bags with String : single chamber / double chamber
Containing rich contents of Vitamin C, & A, Potassium, Protein, Antioxidants, Calcium, etc., our Moringa Tea Bag gives a refreshing cup of tea. The Moringa Tea Bag brings energy back and adds upon the health of a person.
All these Tea Bags are available with us for shipping all over the world within 14 days of placing the order. The tag is printed in one single color with your text or logo printed on it.