Oval Design Amethyst Pendant and Earring Set

The amethyst gemstone pendant and earring set is handmade jewellery. This pendant and earring set features multiple amethyst stones set in sterling silver. This is the handmade jewellery. Pendant and earring are selling apart. Pendant is using only one amethyst gemstone. You can buy amethyst pendant US$ 180 and earring US$ 123. This amethyst pendant is created join with 925 silver and zircon crystal. The earring is eardrops design and using two amethysts with zircon crystal and 925 silver sterling. The design is very beautiful and attractive. You can use wedding, ceremony, occasion ceremony and event. It is very suitable for ladies. If you want to order or want to know more detail, you can leave message by chat box or mail box.


Oval shape Amethyst Ring

This jewellery is made of amethyst gemstone with 925 silver. This ring is crafted from sterling silver. It features an oval faceted piece of sparkling purple Amethyst and on the side of ring is infinity design. Amethyst is a gorgeous gemstone especially found in this color; so often you see it very pale but this stone has tons of life to it. You can wear go to the wedding, ceremony, occasion, and other event.

Natural Amethyst Gemstone

It is about natural amethyst of violet color. It is a powerful and protective stone. It is made of hand cut and handmade of Myanmar. It is gemstone of amethyst mineral quartz. It is most valuable and prized variety. Natural Amethyst of loose stone is all vary slightly of natural. It can be used in any way that feels anywhere in requirement. If you want to interest this amethyst gemstone, please feel free to let us know via email or chat box.