Wedge wire screen basket for mining industry

Wedge wire screen basket is the key component of centrifuge dewatering equipment ,mainly used for dewatering in centrifugal dewatering machine as high-speed rotating component. When working, the screen basket not only absorb shock loads, but also bear a strong impact from coal and water, so the strength and accuracy requirements are relatively high for screen basket. Wedge wire screen basket slot size is generally 0.3 ~ 1mm, other sizes can also be customized. The wedge wire basket is connected with main machine as a whole part through the hole of top flange or down flange with bolt.


Rattan Basket with Lid and handle from Myanmar

Neat and tidy cane basket from Myanmar
Use as Decorative Item, Kitchen Ware Item, Laundry Item and other.
Two handle for easy to use
User can save Fruit and other food because of it has include lid.

Myanmar Handmade Natural Bamboo Basket

Floral basket with bamboo Natural Color With standard export quality from Myanmar. Very eco-friendly handmade bamboo as a floral basket for. Used white lacquer coding on the basketball and removed aussi bamboo’s mold. Mostly used it for floral. Ord Handmade Basket, Basket Handicraft, Bamboo Basket, Basket Floral accept as customer’s requirements. If you will interest our basketball, do not hesitate to contact via message box or via