Beautiful design Silver Necklace with 7 Coil pendants

This is the handmade beautiful design silver necklace made in Myanmar. We made this necklace with 90% silver and it is only handmade. Silver is not only useful for jewelry but also help for healthy. The quality is the best and the price is suitable for using. If you want to order or want to know more detail, you can leave message by chat box or mail box.


Beautiful Myanmar Alphabet on Coconut Shell with Handmade

We made this pot eco friendly coconut shell to be useful pot because nowadays people want to decorate their home, office and hotel with nature products. We made same marking point on pot and lip , so people can be open with easy way. The design is very beautiful and unique.

Garment Pendant and Earring Set

A beautiful deep garnet colored Czech glass jewel is wrapped in brass filigree and accented with 925 sterling silver and zircon crystal. Garnet faceted charms perfect for weddings, jewelry making and other crafts. The design is very beautiful and attractive. It is very suitable for wedding, ceremony, occasion, engagement and event. The price of pendant is US$ 31 and the earring is US$ 58 each apart you can buy.

Sandalwood Thanakha Souvenir of Myanmar

Beautiful and Handmade thanakha set for ladies.
Ready to use
Pour some drop of water on the stone slab
Grind thanakha on the stone slab in a circular motion
Apply thanakha paste on the face.
It gives fresh and cooling sensation on the skin
Smoothly for the skin.
Prevent the UV ray and reliving irritation.
Some use for oil removing.

Green Color of Beautiful Cotton Handbag

This product name of Green Handbag Beautiful Color Cotton Produced in Yangon, Myanmar. It is made by cotton and the rattan handle. Raw materials are only traditional and Iranian. This product is the raw materials come from Handbag and Traditional Shan in Myanmar. Are two Sides of the Same Same design and color. The Shan handle bags as in May, with a simple style Patterns Decorated elephant shaped. Tribal Typical Shan is used not only at the bag at Their region, BUT ar in Myanmar. High Quality, blackberries choice for You And Best Price, if you are Interested in Our products, please Feel free to contact me.

Stretched Fabric Middle Sleeve of Beautiful blouse

This product name is Stretched Fabric Middle Sleeve of Beautiful blouse made by stretch type-spandex knitted fabric and produced in 2 Angels Fashion of Myanmar. This design is created with stretched fabric, to get more attraction, more Beautiful, comfort and gorgeous. These blouses are more fashionable and more modernized. This style is Myanmar Fancy blouse and color is 7colors available. If you buy same design but different color, size of 10 set of this dress, you get 20% discount. Considering the great style and comfort of this dress, you might be surprised at the price.