Oval Design Amethyst Pendant and Earring Set

The amethyst gemstone pendant and earring set is handmade jewellery. This pendant and earring set features multiple amethyst stones set in sterling silver. This is the handmade jewellery. Pendant and earring are selling apart. Pendant is using only one amethyst gemstone. You can buy amethyst pendant US$ 180 and earring US$ 123. This amethyst pendant is created join with 925 silver and zircon crystal. The earring is eardrops design and using two amethysts with zircon crystal and 925 silver sterling. The design is very beautiful and attractive. You can use wedding, ceremony, occasion ceremony and event. It is very suitable for ladies. If you want to order or want to know more detail, you can leave message by chat box or mail box.


Beautiful design Silver Necklace with 7 Coil pendants

This is the handmade beautiful design silver necklace made in Myanmar. We made this necklace with 90% silver and it is only handmade. Silver is not only useful for jewelry but also help for healthy. The quality is the best and the price is suitable for using. If you want to order or want to know more detail, you can leave message by chat box or mail box.

Teak Phone Stand Design with arabesque

The product is a Teak Phone Stand Design with arabesque that is easily used to keep the phone and to hold the phone. This phone stand is made by red velvet in base because phone’s frame don’t to touch used velvet for softy. The product type is arabesque (design consisting of Myanmar traditional craft).It is simply and beauty for looking people. You can give it as a souvenir gift for other people. It is also easy for using people. Teakwood is the best kind of wood.

The Antique design Bagan Lady wood sculpture carving

Myanmar traditional handmade wood sculpture is famous in Myanmar. This wood carving is made in Myanmar. This is the Bagan Lady design wood carving. These wood carvings are imitating the Antique color but it is not Antique product. All of these are using with wood and sculpture PanPu wood carving. Most of people using home decoration and you can give a Royal gift of your partners, business and beloved one. The Antique color is made of handmade “Thit Si” and it is polished over the wood sculpture. So this is the Antique design. This is precious and good to fine the decorates of royal and filigree design in living room.

Stripe Design Innle Leather Handbag

This is the Shan traditional Stripe design handbag in Myanmar. The whole product is made by cotton and Innle leather. It contains two bottoms and leather handle. The back is of bag design is created with different flower design. A little zip is the back and you can easy to open. The bag is made of pure cotton and Innle leather variegated colors are stitched together from cotton material. If you go to the shopping or visiting around, this bag is very suitable for ladies. You can use to put your purse, phone, make up accessories and other things.

The Green color Gourd and Gourd leave design Coconut shell

Most of coconut shell crafts are simple design. This coconut shell craft is unique design and attractive. It has plate and spoon. It is new design, attractive style and unique. You can use in restaurant, hotel and living room. The whole product is making with gourd leave design is painting. The gourd leave is painting onto the plate. The spoon is simple design. The top of the handle is gourd design. The clear lacquer is polished outside of the coconut shell craft. This is the natural product so the size is may be change.