Natural Green Jade Bangle from Myanmar

Jade Bangle from Myanmar with Grade A.
We have many size for bangle.


Handmade Bead necklace Set with Jade and Quartzite Yellow

Graceful necklace set with green jade which is the stone of heart and Quartzite yellow color both these stones sustain for the people because green jade means prosperity, longevity, fertility, wisdom, balance and other. Quartzite yellow also helps one to appreciate the joy of each new day and each new experience. Most people believe that this two stones prevent from evil and increase their business. Designer created green jade as natural and combined green and yellow color to match. So this necklace is one of the attractive bead necklaces.

Happy Buddha Statue made by Myanmar Jade

These smiling Chinese Buddha statue is made by Jade which has combing Lavender and Pale Green color from Myanmar. Some of Buddhists believe that he is Maitreya Buddha in China. The other name is laughing Buddha who is take lucky and most of children love him. His jolly face is happy and joyful for viewer. Most of Chinese people put this status on the table of their living rooms, shops, offices because they believed he carry lucky and healthy. This statue is not only Happy Buddha but also which is made by jade so it prevent from evil and take lucky and healthy.

Buy Jade from Myanmar

Myanmar ‘s largest Myanmar Jade marketplace to buy Myanmar Jade from Myanmar. You can directly engage to Myanmar hair suppliers via BaganTrade platform.

BaganTrade is Myanmar Trading platform for importers and exporters. It is a marketplace that engages made in Myanmar products to global markets. Most Myanmar suppliers are handicrafts and agriculture products suppliers.

Yellow & White Jade carving Fruit shape pendan

This precious jade pendant with fruit design from Myanmar especially in Moe Gyoke. Myanmar Jade is one of the most famous jade in the world. The price is also suitable and the quality is also good. People can wear with gold or platinum necklace. Otherwise you can wear with black rope, although it is simple with black rope, but it is the perfect beauty. Nowadays people use it not only as pendant but also precious gift for their friends and relatives. We made this pendant with art of Myanmar carving in detail. We provide the best service, have any questions, please contact us by chat box or email for more information.