Beautiful design Silver Necklace with 7 Coil pendants

This is the handmade beautiful design silver necklace made in Myanmar. We made this necklace with 90% silver and it is only handmade. Silver is not only useful for jewelry but also help for healthy. The quality is the best and the price is suitable for using. If you want to order or want to know more detail, you can leave message by chat box or mail box.


Handmade Bead necklace Set with Jade and Quartzite Yellow

Graceful necklace set with green jade which is the stone of heart and Quartzite yellow color both these stones sustain for the people because green jade means prosperity, longevity, fertility, wisdom, balance and other. Quartzite yellow also helps one to appreciate the joy of each new day and each new experience. Most people believe that this two stones prevent from evil and increase their business. Designer created green jade as natural and combined green and yellow color to match. So this necklace is one of the attractive bead necklaces.

Handmade Silver Necklace pendant

This smart and traditional necklace made with 90% silver and it is only handmade. So you will be known about the beauty and difficult of Myanmar Alphabet by seeing this necklace. Silver is not only useful for jewelry but also help for healthy. Silver absorbed through skin and has pain-relief affect that why you should wear silver jewelry.

Simple jade necklace with flower pendent

Although this jade necklace is simple design but it is always attractive among other update design. It is made with silver 925 string and round shape jade with simple design. Our jade necklace are competitive price and good quality because we have so many experience in jade field and created with skillful technicians. Not only fashionable ladies but also celebrities wear jade necklace when they attend famous ceremonies