Shale Shaker screen for oilfield

Shale Shaker screen for oilfield


When drilling for oil, a drilling fluid is used both to make the drilling more effective and to remove cuttings and material from the well bore. This liquid, commonly referred to as “mud” . Since the mud is both environmentally harmful and costly it is continuously circulated in a closed loop system and stored on the rig/ship after the drill operation for future use.
These cuttings follow the mud flow to the rig where it is cleaned by a shale shaker machine and recirculated through the well bore. The shale shaker is a vibrating machine using a very fine mesh that separates the cuttings from the fluid. The mesh is often divided into six or eight sections, each mounted on a frame, called shale shaker screens.

Size & Configurations
Mesh up to 325mesh
Wire diameter from 0.03mm to 0.50mm
Screen type include flat screen, weave screen, framed flat screen and hook strip soft screen

Stainless steel



Wedge wire screen basket for mining industry

Wedge wire screen basket is the key component of centrifuge dewatering equipment ,mainly used for dewatering in centrifugal dewatering machine as high-speed rotating component. When working, the screen basket not only absorb shock loads, but also bear a strong impact from coal and water, so the strength and accuracy requirements are relatively high for screen basket. Wedge wire screen basket slot size is generally 0.3 ~ 1mm, other sizes can also be customized. The wedge wire basket is connected with main machine as a whole part through the hole of top flange or down flange with bolt.