Slotted wedge wire screens panel for mining industry

Slotted wedge wire screens panel for mining industry


Slotted wedge wire screens panel are manufactured by helically wrapping parallel support rods with a continuous “V” shaped wire, then be made to panel screen through cutting and edge welding. The wedge screen panel size can be changeable as need.

The polyurethane edging wedge wire screen flat panel, for its high strength, high wear resistance, oil resistance, vibration absorption ability, it is widely used in heavy machinery vibration plate and processing fields which needs high level requirement about punching, stamping, sheet metal and insulation.

Size & Configurations
Slot opening up to 10mm
Wire include triangle wire, Round Rod, Flat Bar and wedge wire

Stainless Steel

High strength,rigidity and load capacity
Easy to leakage, wear and corrosion resistance

Coal mining screening
Coal & coke washeries
Shaker screen


Wedge wire screen basket for mining industry

Wedge wire screen basket is the key component of centrifuge dewatering equipment ,mainly used for dewatering in centrifugal dewatering machine as high-speed rotating component. When working, the screen basket not only absorb shock loads, but also bear a strong impact from coal and water, so the strength and accuracy requirements are relatively high for screen basket. Wedge wire screen basket slot size is generally 0.3 ~ 1mm, other sizes can also be customized. The wedge wire basket is connected with main machine as a whole part through the hole of top flange or down flange with bolt.